Welcome to Crustino, we are open!

Followed by few months of intensive work with reconstruction and fining the products we have extended our portfolio by another facility in Bratislava and opened our first proprietary bakery and patisserie called Crustino. And we are so happy about it!


You can find there sourdough products from our craft production, traditional cakes and experience desserts, complete lunches in a modern way or Italian take-away coffee. Everything is baked on the spot with own sourdough and local flour from the mills.


Crustino plans to gradually supply all Medusa Group restaurants with its products. During the business week it is open to all our customers who can take home daily fresh sourdough pastry and bread or light fresh lunch to work.


We have entrusted the production at Crustino to the best experts. Martin Marek coming to Crustino from Yeme is our bakery responsible person. Veronika Bušová, a young creative patissier studying at the prestigious culinary school ICC New York in the field of pastry arts is the face of the patisserie production and a co-author of the patisserie products. Veronika completes the portfolio of traditional bakery products with exclusive experience desserts such as éclair, mille feuille, chocolate mousse but also with classic desserts prepared in a modern way. We believe that no sweet addict would miss punch cake prepared from our own punch or “doboška” cake made of high-quality ingredients.

As for daily breakfast or lunch menu at Crustino, you can find there fresh slices of sourdough bread with homemade spreads, stuffed wraps, salads, filling soups or sandwiches.

We like nature at Crustino and that is why we made sure that our packages are compostable.

Come and see with your own eyes and taste that we have done our best. Have a quick break to get your healthy lunch or just take crispy fresh bread home with you after work.

We are open every business day from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. You can find us at Plynárenska 7/B, building BBC 5. Enjoy your crisping!